VPN Solutions

VPN Solutions, As your business grows, you may expand beyond your original physical site. That means opening branch offices in other locations, whether across town or across the globe. It's likely that the employees in these remote locations will need access to many of the same network resources as those at your headquarters building, and the two groups will probably need to share files and communicate electronically with one another.

The traditional solution has been to implement a dedicated Wide Area Network (WAN) link between the central and branch offices. However, dedicated leased lines are expensive. When you have only one branch office, a single line will suffice, but if you add a third, you may need to add two more dedicated lines to ensure connectivity. The number of lines that are needed for full connectivity increases dramatically as new offices are added, and so does the cost.

A more scalable solution is to connect branch offices using a site-to-site virtual private network (VPN).

The VPN Solutions uses the fact that both your central office local area network and the branch office networks are connected to the larger network (the Internet) to provide connectivity between the LANs. Of course, the Internet is a public network, full of hackers and attackers, so the key concern with sending communications across the Internet that are confidential within the company is security.

VPN Solutions resolve this problem by creating a "tunnel" through the Internet from one office (site) to another. The traffic that goes through this tunnel is encrypted to protect any sensitive data.

Some advantages of site-to-site VPN include:

- Cost. You don't need the multiple leased lines required for dedicated branch office WAN links. You can use a single leased line to the Internet for each office, or lower cost business broadband Internet connections.

- Performance. You can use very high speed Internet connections at each office for data transfer rates that approach or surpass some Ethernet links.

- Flexibility. If you move one or more offices, it's much easier to "take it with you" than a dedicated lease line link. The VPN Solutions can be set up easily at the new site.

- Scalability. Adding new sites/connections is simple as long as each location has a connection to the Internet. With leased lines, greater distance between offices means higher cost. Because the VPN Solutions uses a connection to the Internet instead of a point-to-point connection between offices, it's much more scalable.

IP Telephony:

Is service built upon a network of high performance and high availability servers that enable voice applications to be transmitted on the company's local area and wide area networks, The IP Telephony enables communications capability to be utilized virtually anywhere that a data network or Internet connection can be obtained. Hence the IP Telephony service can support a highly diversified network architecture for a variety of branches communications network configurations.