Our multinational team of VAT training specialists have profound knowledge and understanding Of local and international tax environments. Backed by extensive industry experience, we provide targeted solutions for various businesses in line with their objectives, requirements, and challenges.

Equip your organization and people with the right know-how and methodologies for effectively managing tax — consult with Level, one of the leading VAT consultancy companies in UAE and the Middle East.

Our VAT consultancy covers the following key financial processes:

•             Book keeping Services

•             Record revenue and expenses within the general ledger

•             Monthly and quarterly reconciliation of bank account

•             Manage receipt, status, and release of temporarily restricted funds

•             Financial Reporting

•             Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual reports

•             Provide all needed documentation and reports for auditor

•             Verify compliance with relevant reporting requirements

•             Track all capital, general, and enterprise funds and prepare public reports

•             Train key personnel in Accounts or financial administration for Understanding VAT policy and obligations.

•             Review the monthly trial balance including priced stores ledger, funds flow statement and final accounts (profit and loss account, Balance Sheet quarterly, Half Yearly and annual final accounts) along with necessary schedules as required by the Internal Audit, Tax Audit and as per FTA Guidelines. •             VAT accounting and related policies (e.g., VAT groups and reverse charge)